Environmentally Friendly Straw Pellet Horse Bedding

The Home of Biobedding Straw Pellets and your one stop solution for the most absorbent and environmentally friendly horse bedding in the UK. Home grown, from our yard to yours.

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Environmentally Friendly

Biodegradable, Completely Natural and made from 100% British straw

Super Absorbant

Ability to soak over 600% of its own weight within 15 minutes

Faster Muck Outs

Halve the time you spend on muck outs with Biobedding horse bedding

Cleaner, Comfier Horse Bedding

Less dust and extra springy for comfort makes for a happier horse

Working alongside nature

Here at Bio Pellet Solutions, our ethos is to ‘Work alongside nature as opposed to against it’, which is why our straw pellets are both sustainably grown and produced right here on our Kentish farm.

We knew there had to be a more viable solution for horse bedding than what we, and so many horse owners so regularly accepted as the norm. Not only a solution that was both more efficient in terms of day-to-day horse management but also one that provided optimal absorbency was longer-lasting and more eco-friendly. Better still, what if we could grow and produce that bedding ourselves at home? From that point on, we took it upon ourselves to shake things up in the world of horse bedding and make the change that the industry needed.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide our customers with only local, sustainably sourced bedding of the highest quality, which is why we developed Biobedding with leading equine experts to create a product that ticks all the boxes for you and your horse.

Faster, easier muck-outs to smaller muck heaps and minimal dust, Biobedding has greatly transformed the experience of mucking out stables for horse owners throughout the UK.

With such an all-encompassing repertoire of incredible features, it’s easy to see why.

What Our Customers Say

See what our customers say about Biobedding straw horse bedding

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After reading all the good reviews I ordered some to try for my horse as he’s so dirty and wet, just over a week on this bedding and I am so impressed. I don’t think I’ve found bedding so absorbent. A stable that took ages to muck out now takes 5 minutes as it lets me just take the muck out rather than all the wet!
Fay Garratt - Facebook Review
Can not recommend enough. I ordered a pallet of this bedding and was very nervous as I didn’t trial the bedding before committing. Was convinced to chance it after seeing the video of the pellets in action. I have gone from needing to put a bag and a half (at least) of shavings in to only needing one bag of pellets per week - if that!
Katie Furber - Facebook Review
I cannot recommend Bio Pellet Solutions bedding enough, it has halved my bedding costs, and reduced mucking out time and they are a pleasure to deal with. The horses and I love it!
Sophie Fuller - Facebook Review

Ultra Absorbent Horse Bedding

With the ability to soak over 600% of its own weight within 15 minutes, Biobedding is able to soak up larger amounts of water than any other form of horse bedding (including wood pellets).

Less Dust and Comfier, Cleaner Bedding

Biobedding straw pellets are extra springy thanks to having a far higher proportion of cellulose cells than any other form of wood based bedding.

The Advantages of Biobedding Straw Pellet Horse Bedding

Spend Less Time on Muck Outs

100% of Biobedding customers agree that they have managed to half their time spent on muck outs since switching to Biobedding Straw Pellets. All you have to do is remove your horse’s dropping.. Biobedding will do the rest!

The Most Eco Friendly Horse Bedding in the UK

Our straw is home grown on our farm in Kent and once it has been harvested, it is then pelleted on site to ensure the highest of standards of bedding for your horse

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Delivery Notice

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.
Access for an 18 tonne lorry is required. Please do not order if there is not access for this type of delivery.

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