Our Story

Our story begins here at our family farm on the Romney Marsh, Kent, where we have farmed for over 300 years. Though we are mainly an arable farm, we do come with a renewable energy twist. In fact, for 5 years now, we have used our crops to create renewable energy through our own aerobic digester.

We then implemented our very own pelleting plant as a way of completing a full-circle sustainable loop. We can even add your used horse bedding to the aerobic digester in order to create renewable energy! So your horse is quite literally saving the environment by saving on trees and by creating renewable energy!

Environmental Impacts

Did you know that even in the UK today, the vast majority of horse bedding is derived from the cutting of virgin trees? The larger part of which are then transported from all over the world, contributing to an already negative impact on the environment.

We recognised throughout the years how impractical these outdated forms of bedding were not only in the daily doings of livery yard management but also the negative impact horse bedding was contributing to environmentally.

Horse owners were unnecessarily taking far longer to muck out their stables than they needed to. Recurring issues such as lack of absorbency, dusty stables, fowl ammonia smells and larger than necessary muck heaps were all too regularly accepted in the day-to-day management of our four-legged friends.

Simply put The wood-based products like wood pellets and shavings weren’t cutting it anymore.

Ultimately, we knew that our horses deserved a better product and their owners deserved a solution that was easier to manage. One which should not come at such a detriment to the environment.

That’s when we created Biobedding Straw Pellets..

Fast forward a year on since Biobedding first hit the UK’s shelves and we have been hearing nothing but positive feedback from our customers about how Biobedding has been transforming our customers’ yards…and that for us truly has to be one of the best things we get to take from creating Biobedding.

Our Promise

We promised to provide our customers with only the highest quality bedding, and that’s why we developed our product with leading equine experts to create such bedding that ticks all the boxes for you and your horse.

Delivery Notice

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.
Access for an 18 tonne lorry is required. Please do not order if there is not access for this type of delivery.

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