Please note that deliveries are collected every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday bar bank holiday Mondays.

Please allow 3 days for delivery upon ordering on any of these days. If ordering on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your delivery will be the following Wednesday.

Additional delivery fees may be applied after online purchases should the delivery address require it.

Please note that we have the right to withhold your order if an additional delivery fee is needed and is not paid before orders leave the farm.

Access to Yards

It is the customers’ responsibility to alert Biopellet Solutions of any access issues to your chosen delivery location. Please note that our pallets arrive on 18-tonne lorries. Should you have restricted access, you must alert Biopellet Solutions as soon as possible or risk not receiving your pallet.

If upon your order you specify the need of a 7.5 tonne lorry, please be aware that the maximum weight this vehicle can carry is 750 kilos which equates to 49 bags. You will still be charged the rate of a full pallet.

On occasion, a pallet may have to be split into two half pallets and then placed on a smaller lorry to be delivered to locations with restricted access. If this happens, additional fees are incurred for the local hauliers which you are then liable for.

Once Pellets have been acquired by third party hauliers BioPellet Solutions are no longer liable for damage to Pellets upon unloading.

All customers must have a hard standing surface available for unloading from tail lift lorry.

Not going to be home?

Please note that Biopellet Solutions contact all customers within 48 hours of their orders with sheduled delivery dates. It is down to the customer to be at the location of their chosen delivery upon arrival. If you are not home to receive your pallet and you wish for your local haulier to leave said pallet at your property, a written confirmation must be sent to Biopellet Solutions confirming that you are happy for the pallet to be left at the site of your choosing without someone to sign for it prior to delivery. Any theft or damage to said pallet from this point is the customers’ responsibility and Biopellet Solutions will take no accountability for any damage incurred.

A charge may be also added if you are not at the location of your choosing upon delivery, meaning the hauliers will have to return your pallet to their local depot which will incur further charges.

48 hours notice is required in order to re-arrange delivery with your local haulier. Additional charges may be applied for failure for doing so.

Damaged Pallet

If upon delivery you receive any bags which have broken, photographic evidence must be sent to Biopellet Solutions within 12 hours of receiving your pallet, along with written confirmation from the driver of damage to your pallet.

Please note that refunds for broken bags will only be given should 40% or more of the bag contents is lost. Holes in bags with less than or equal to 40% contents missing will not be granted a refund. Due to the large and heavy nature of this product, combined with travelling long distances, damages can occur. It is Biopellet Solution’s discretion as to whether or not a refund is to be given. If the pellets are used, no refund shall be given.


Best practice methods of use and application of pellets are given as guidance only.

Biopellet Solutions is not liable for any misuse of pellets.


Delivery Notice

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.
Access for an 18 tonne lorry is required. Please do not order if there is not access for this type of delivery.

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