How to apply and activate your Biobedding Horse Bedding

Easy to apply and easy to use, here are 3 ways in which you can activate your Biobedding straw pellets. Your stable set-up may dictate which option works best for you, but we have provided you with 3 options to choose from.

Remember, the more water you apply, the more fluffy your bedding will be. As a guideline, we suggest 10 litres of water per bag. Though if you prefer even more longevity from your pellets, use slightly less water.

Option 1. Activate within the bag (Our preferred method)

  1. Simply lay your bags wherever you wish to place them and cut an ‘[’ shape window from the top to the bottom of your bag.
  2. Pull the flap you have created open so that you can easily cover an optimal surface area of pellets with water.
  3. Then use a watering can or a hose to pour 10-15 litres worth of water directly onto your pellets.

Option 2. Wheel Barrow Activation

    1. Pour the contents of your Biobedding into a medium/large wheelbarrow, followed by approximately 8-10 litres of water. This can be applied via a hose or watering can.
    2. Leave for water to absorb into pellets then stir after 5 mins if you wish to make your pellets more fluffy.

Within 10 minutes the pellets will have absorbed the water and will be ready for use. For extra fluffy bedding, leave your pellets for a further 5 minutes and then give them a quick stir. Apply to your stable as desired.

Option 3. Direct Application

Pour the contents of your Biobedding bag directly onto your stable floor, evenly spreading the pellets into the areas of the stable where you wish to have your bedding. We recommend 10 bags for a brand new bed (remember that the absorbent nature of Biobedding means fewer muck-outs and will last your horse longer than ever before). Use a watering can to slowly and evenly sprinkle water all over the pellets.

Sprinkle as much water as required for your desired level of fluffiness. Within 10-15 minutes your pellets will have activated.

Delivery Notice

Please allow 3 working days for delivery.
Access for an 18 tonne lorry is required. Please do not order if there is not access for this type of delivery.

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